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Reddog Forge produces a large number of different historical replicas for Living Historians and Re-enactors. Items are forged or cast to the specifications of the client.
All items are researched or made to specifications and research provided by the client. All items are fit for purpose, jewellery is delicate and fine, iron work is robust and can stand the rigours of the job it is made for.
This section of the site is to provide you with an idea of what Reddog can produce. It is not a finite catalogue and I will be adding new items as they are commissioned.
The majority of work here is suitable for medieval and Tudor living history, much of it also is suitable for later periods. I am also able to make items from other points in history just ask.
CONTACT US if you wish to discuss a historical item you wish to have made.

Historical Sources

Click on the image below to look at some period sources for items made by Reddog Forge

Click on the images below to take a closer look at historical items from Reddog Forge

Forged Items



Cast Items


See Steve in action at the Kentwell Foundry