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A skillet is a flat, round cooking pan used for frying and baking. Reddog makes two different types; hanging skillets and handled skillets.

The skillet shown on the left is a hanging skillet. The base is 12" in diameter. It is hand forged from black mild steel. It has a fixed twisted handle and a lower lip than usual (all options requested when ordered)

As all Reddog skillets are made to order it is possible to be quite specific about your requirements. CONTACT US for further details as to variations or if you have a specific design in mind.

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The skillet shown on the left is a handled skillet similar to a frying pan. It is 12" in diameter. The handle is riveted on with hand made rivets. There is detail work on the handle including the family mark of the owner (for identification purposes) The end of the handle is formed into a ring to hang the skillet from a hook. 



Skillets are finished by removing scale from the cooking surface and handle and then oiled (like a wok) The underside is left as it will become sooted and the scale helps protect from rust. The handles are riveted on using authentic rivets.

  Skillet prices start from:



6" base 1" rim N/A 45
9" base 1.5" rim 65 60
12" base 2"rim 95 90

If you would like to order a skillet like this or discuss a different design then CONTACT US