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Welcome to Reddog Forge
I first started seriously thinking about a career as a blacksmith after my first year re-enacting as a Tudor at Kentwell Hall in 2003. Since then I have completed courses in artistic blacksmithing and won several awards for my work.

My work mainly consists of traditional pieces on a commission basis, with each piece being tailored to the individual's requirements. This is decided through consultation and design work.


Alongside the blacksmithing, I also cast one-off pieces and limited runs of items in bronze, brass, pewter, silver and gold.

Throughout this website you will see examples of my work. They illustrate the diversity of pieces I can create, from the delicate to the robust, from decorative to practical.

It has been a dream of mine to live and work on a small holding, running my forge in the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire area. Early this year (2019) I moved to the beautiful village of Didbrook for the once in a life time opportunity to take on the 17th century forge and house on the Stanway Estate.I am looking forward settling into the community as the local blacksmith.


This will give me the breathing space to focus my technique while experimenting/ learning new aspects of metalwork and also being able in the near future, to give work placement/experience/ training to student of the craft. This combined with the ever popular 'Taster Days' and the space to run ' Forge-Ins', I am enthused and excited by the future.


The 'Taster Days' will (as before) be set as a one-to-one or two person bases over a one/two day period at appropriate level of the student(s) in my forge. One of my plans for the future is to re-fit the second hearth with a set of refurbished original tear drop bellow, giving the option for students to use these or the electric blower hearths. Once this is done this also opens up the forge to groups of three/ four students at a time. Please note that every item and Taster Day is made/tailored to order and is therefore a unique piece.

The items on this site are just a selection of what is possible, if you have an item you wish to commission then have a look at that section of the site and feel free to drop me a line.

Steve of the Fires