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Welcome to Reddog Forge
I first started seriously thinking about a career as a blacksmith after my first year re-enacting as a Tudor at Kentwell Hall in 2003. Since then I have completed courses in artistic blacksmithing and won several awards for my work.

My work mainly consists of traditional pieces on a commission basis, with each piece being tailored to the individual's requirements. This is decided through consultation and design work.


Alongside the blacksmithing, I also cast one-off pieces and limited runs of items in bronze, brass, pewter, silver and gold.

Throughout this website you will see examples of my work. They illustrate the diversity of pieces I can create, from the delicate to the robust, from decorative to practical.

I work in both, a traditional forge as a living historian and a more contemporary forge, in the present. Due to moving recently to a well established village forge, continuing the presence of a smith on the site since 1874 and being able to dedicate more time to my blacksmithing, I am able to increase my range of items plus offering Taster Days. These will be set as a one-to-one or two person bases over a one/two day period at what ever level at my forge. Full details will coming shortly. Please note that every item and Taster Day is made/tailored to order and is therefore a unique piece.

The items on this site are just a selection of what is possible, if you have an item you wish to commission then have a look at that section of the site and feel free to drop me a line.

Steve of the Fire