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Reddog Forge strives to make accurate, period utensils and ironware. Using Images like these here is crucial, and ensures we get it right.
Here is an image of a kitchen from the Tudor period. You can clearly see kitchen implements in use. Ladles, knives, skillets and stands.
In the background on the right is a  fire iron, used for raking over the fire.
Front left we can see a fish grill or griddle.  In the front right is  flat skillet, with legs and a pair of tongs.
The centre of the image is a large, round, three legged firebox. On either side of it is a Spit Boy doing the hot work of keeping the spits turning

In the above 16th century image we can see another kitchen and its staff. Hanging in the background is a variety of handled skillets, and spoons on a rack. The fire in the middle has a spit, dripping bowl, ladder pot hanger. On the  table on the right is a sugar grater.


Our collection of period images is always growing but if you have an image of an item that you would like made then CONTACT US and we can discuss it.