Storm Pins & 'S' Hooks


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Storm pins
These tent pegs are for authentic tents or modern tents and are designed, as the name suggests, for heavy weather. The hook in the middle is for retrieving the pins. It is possible to request different sizes for BIG tents, contact us for details.

  12" Storm Pin   5 each

  Storm pin hook  7 each 

'S' Hooks
S Hooks are extremely useful items. Anyone who has an authentic tent, especially a round pavilion or Burgundian will find S Hooks invaluable as they enable you to hang  items from the poles that form the tent.
S hooks are STOCK items and can be bought in quantity.


Small Large
1@ 1.50 1@1.75
6@ 8.00 6@9.50
 12@15.00 12@18.00
You can also have S hooks with one end closed up to form an eye 1.40 each 1.60 each

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