Cast Buttons


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Pewter Buttons

Reddog makes a wide range of cast pewter buttons.

All the buttons are replicas of ones unearthed by archaeologists spanning from mid 15th century to the 17th century designs. The domed headed buttons are 15th-17th century, the nipple buttons are 16th-17th century, the flower patterns are 16th-17th century, the cheque pattern are 15th-16th century and the acorns are 15th-late 17th century. If there is a design which you wish for and is not present, please ask.



Type Location in Picture Price
Domed & Nipple top left and top right 80p each
Flowered top line second in from the left 1-10 each
Tudor Rose top line centre 1 each
Cheque top line second in from the right 1 each
Flat Acorns bottom line centre 1-10 each
Acorns bottom line left 80p each
Textured Acorns bottom line right 1 each


I also make castings for other periods.
This is a  4th Irish Volunteers button, from a set made for commission.
For more information about how these badges were, cast and for more information about commissioning your own buttons go to the COMMISSIONS page.