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The spit is a classic image from times past. A whole hog turning over a roaring fire is a simple and enduring image and no Medieval or Tudor cook should be without one. 
Reddog spits come with a stand. Each stand is different, one has an eyelet to place the spit in, the other is forked to allow easy turning of the spit handle. The spit in the pictures was made for English Heritage and could not have spikes on the stand but had to have the cross base for stability
So far I have made spits 80cm (32") or 120cm (48") long. Other lengths can be made on request. The 80cm spit can take two large chickens and the 120cm spit can take a large piglet/small pig.

The horizontal bar comes with a quarter lock, which enables the cook to turn the handle and lock the bar in place in four different positions.

Options available for spits include; a spiked stop at the handle end to prevent meat rotating, skewer holes in horizontal bar, skewers and moveable spikes to pin meat in place.

80cm spit and stand 65.00

120cm spit and stand 140.00


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