Wedding Jewellery


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Silver Wedding Jewellery
This set of jewellery was made to commission. It consists of a belt (top) a pair of earrings (middle) and a necklace (bottom) There was also a forehead pendant and a nose chain (sorry no images)

Each item was made in Sterling Silver, the main design was the drop pendant decorated with topaz stones. These featured on the earrings, belt necklace, and forehead pendant.



This set was made in 2001 the costs then were; Belt120, ear rings 90, necklace, forehead and the nose chain 80 each.

This price is given as a guide only, please speak to me directly about your designs so I can give you an up to date and more accurate estimate.


These items, of course, are unique, but if you would like to consider something similar, then please Contact Us