Braziers & Fire Baskets


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A Brazier or Fire Basket is an essential piece of camping equipment for the historical re-enactor. Many venues that you visit will only allow open fires if contained in a brazier.

Braziers and fire baskets come in many different shapes and sizes. As most Reddog items are made to order it is possible to be quite specific about your requirements.

The Brazier shown on the left is a basic brazier. This consists of a basket and separate stand. They are both hand forged from black mild steel. The basket is eleven inches high and nine inches in diameter at the opening. The stand is thirteen inches tall.

Click on the images to get a larger view

The Brazier shown on the left is a similar brazier to the one above, however it has a number of extra features that come as 'add ons'. This Brazier has a drop plate, to catch ash and embers, a set of pins to anchor it to the ground, two handles (which are removable) to extract the basket from the stand and a grill that rests on the top to allow small skillets and pots to sit on it.  Further add ons available include a round drop plate, vent holes in the base and decoration. Ask for further details or options.
You can request any or all of these additions when placing an order.


Basket 80
Stand 40
Grate 25
Pins 3 each
Pair of hooks 10
Square or round ash pan 40
If you would like to order a brazier like this or discuss a different design then CONTACT US

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